KYB ~ Wednesday @ 7pm

Our KYB (Know your Bible) program is our Wednesday evening program for children grades pre K-6. KYB was established to meet kids where they are with the love of Christ and develop spiritually strong children who faithfully follow Jesus. Our programs offer a proven approach for evangelizing and disciplining kids in the church. At KYB, Bible Fellowship staff and volunteers help your child experience God through creative,

age-appropriate teaching, an interactive worship experience, fun games, snacks and timely interaction with their peers.

Transportation is available. If needed, please contact our church office at 419-365-5276.

KYB Cancellation policy

We want parents and children to be aware of our KYB cancellation poilcy. Put simply, any Wednesday where Arlington School District has a school cancellation or scheduled day off, there will be no KYB that evening. Examples of this could be school closed for thanksgiving break, winter break, winter weather cancellations, etc. Thank you for allowing your child to be apart of this great program!