Associate Pastor/Minister of Students

Bible Fellowship Church is looking for an Associate Pastor/Minister of Students.  Please read the job description/details below and if you are interested or know of someone to fill this position, please send your resume and letter of interest to Pastor Jerry Kellogg at

Status: Full Time/Salary

Supervisor: Jerry Kellogg, Senior Pastor

Purpose of Position: To provide vision, direction, development and management for all aspects of our ministry to youth from seventh through twelfth grade, including supervising staff and lay leaders/teachers, volunteers, curriculum, programming, facility, budgets, and planning. This position will also provide assistance in leading and promoting the evangelism ministry of Arlington Bible Fellowship Church. 

General Responsibilities:

1. Be committed to holiness and developing your personal walk with God in order to model and lead others in their faith.

2. Love and prioritize your wife. (If a parent) Disciple your children to know God and love Him. The active and strategic discipleship of your own children must be a higher priority than your discipleship of others.

3. Participate as a member of the pastoral staff team for the general body of Bible Fellowship Church

4. Be available to assist in pastoral duties as opportunities arise, while keeping regular office hours.

Specific Responsibilities in Youth & Evangelism Ministries:

1. Family-Teen Discipleship - Come alongside families by providing resources and encouragement to help them fulfill their calling to be the primary spiritual trainers of their own teens.

2. Personal Discipleship - To be and to make Great Commandment and Great Commission disciples for the glory of God. First and foremost love God, love your neighbor, and make disciples personally; Then passionately train others to do so as well.

3. Ministry Integration - Work with the Children's Ministry and the Young Adult ministry to equip the next generation of disciples by creating a seamless flow of Christian education and discipleship for those in nursery through college.

4. Leadership - Provide vision, direction, development and management for all aspects of our ministry to teens from 7th-12th grade. Encourage and coach staff, and facilitate the recruitment, training, and encouragement of volunteer leaders and teachers. Oversee ongoing strategic development of curriculum, programming, facility, budgets and planning.

5. Administration - Plan and provide for the security and success of teens, teachers and leaders within the ministry by establishing and overseeing policies and procedures that enhance excellence and minister grace to the receiver. Areas of oversight include the following: supplies, furnishings, screening of volunteers, training and annual ministry budget. Track attendance for weekly meetings. Seek to grow the youth ministry in more and better disciples.

6.Programming & Events - Work with paid and volunteer staff to reach out to youth at Bible Fellowship and in the community through both regular (Sunday School, small groups) and special events and programs (Retreats, outreach and service events). Develop a worship ministry emphasis.

7. Pastor Care - Offer pastoral care for teens and their families. This may include teaching, preaching, hospital visitation, biblical counseling as needed, baptisms, etc.

8. Public School Outreach - Form ministry outreaches at the local high schools/jr. high schools to make more and better disciples.

9. Evangelism Responsibilities - Strategic leadership in the outward focus of Bible Fellowship Church.


1. A bachelor's degree required (seminary education preferred)                              6. Clear Biblical philosophy of ministry to youth

2. Experience in the leadership of Student Ministry                                                 7. Theological agreement with BFC doctrinal statement

3. Proven leadership and management skills                                                           8. Teach and communication gifts

4. Strong relational and team building skills                                                             9. A mature man, whose character is in conformity to the qualities found in 1 Timothy 3:1-17

5. Strong written and personal communication skills

Please EMAIL a letter of interest and resume to Pastor Jerry Kellogg at